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Idiocracy Screening — Los Angeles


MASA Sponsored Idiocracy Screening

On Saturday, Sept. 24 Pop and Circumstance is co-producing a screening of the movie Idiocracy. The event is hosted by Make America Smart Again (MASA) and Eat|See|Hear in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles and will celebrate the film's 10 year anniversary by reuniting the director and stars Mike Judge, Terry Crews, and Dax Shepard. 

Make America Smart Again is a movement founded by Shepard Fairey and his wife Amanda that not only encourages citizens to vote, but also become engaged and informed voters. 

"It's the right movie specifically because of this election cycle," said Shepard Fairey. "More generally, it's relevant because of the deterioration of media and the strategy to garner clicks rather than provide information, and also the proliferation of misinformation through social media, all make what fictionally took place over 500 years in 'Idiocracy' seem to be taking place over a much shorter period in America today."

TRDMRK (DJ Nu-Mark from Jurassic5 and Slimkid3 formerly of Pharcyde) and DJ Diabetic (Shepard Fairey) will also be kicking off the night with a DJ set and live performance. In addition to a film screening and Q&A, attendees will be able to register to vote, eat at local food trucks, and purchase MASA merchandise. Proceeds from the event will be benefitting the Young Literati of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles.

(UPDATE: Event has passed. All photos by Jonathan Furlong)

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Tiger Lights Launch Party

Two Vicious Women

And The Launch of Their Brand Tiger Lights

On Sept. 11, 2016, Pop and Circumstance celebrates the launch of Tiger Lights Creative!

Vivienne Fairey and Lola Roberts are the creators and founder of Tiger Lights, where their mission is to remind creative females of all ages to never doubt themselves and to find their inner tiger. Tiger Lights started as a concept between two friends and has grown into a collection of pins, stickers, t-shirts, bags and more available exclusively online. A portion of the proceeds will always go back to select charities the founder believe are making a difference.

Tiger Lights has teamed up with Bright Lite, an independent magazine for young women to celebrate the launch of Tiger Lights Creative and the newest issue of Bright Lite. The celebration will be taking place at Studio Number One's parking lot and Subliminal Projects' gallery space and will have hands-on activations, photo booths, food, drinks, DJs, giveaways, and much more. Other participating partners include Obey Clothing, Collage Coffee, Everyday Minerals, Knockaround Sunglasses, Delish Beads, and Smile Frozen Goods. Proceeds from the event will be benefitting the Keep Abreast Foundation.

(UPDATE: Event has passed. See recap photos below!))

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Idiocracy Screening – Detroit


MASA Sponsored Screening of Idiocracy

Pop and Circumstance has partnered with Make America Smart Again (MASA), a voting initiative founded by Amanda and Shepard Fairey. The goal of MASA is to encourage voter education and registration during this election season. 

The first MASA event featuring a screening of the cult film "Idiocracy," will be taking place on Saturday, Sept. 3 at The Skip in Detroit, Michigan and co-hosted with partners Library Street Collective. 

“Idiocracy” is a cult comedy directed by Mike Judge that satirizes the rise of commercialism and decline of human intelligence in a future dystopian society. The film was selected as a tool to remind and inspire audiences to use their brain and participate in our democracy.

Proceeds will benefit Vote Detroit, a local grassroots initiative fighting to ensure that the voice of every city resident is heard in the upcoming election. Prior to the screening, there will be a Detroit SOUP community discussion by Detroiters to benefit creative projects in their city. An after-party featuring local DJ Amy Dreamcatcher of Nothing Elegant and Shepard Fairey AKA DJ Diabetic will take place at The Skip after the film.  

(UPDATE: Event has passed. See recap photos below!)

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